Join myself and 5 other women for the Basic Bitch 3 Month Mastermind group coaching program! 

This mastermind group is structured to support women in their relationships, whether you are casually dating, dating yourself, or already in a relationship. Sometimes I see women get down on themselves in their relationships or become overwhelmed with feelings and not know how to react or think about their situation. They feel paralyzed and like they've done something wrong. That should not be the case. I want women to feel empowered in their relationships and to be able to verbalize their feelings, needs, and desires to a partner without fear.

Every woman is totally capable of being independent, strong, AND being able to be vulnerable enough to create emotional intimacy with a partner. I used to to fear emotional intimacy so much and didn't even know it. I'd shut down, yell, or just keep everything inside. And all these things would drive people away instead of bringing them closer. Of course after I had driven people away, I would play the victim about how everyone always leaves. Once I got real with my story and my behaviors is when things changed tremendously. All of my relationships from my boyfriend to my family to friends have changed for the better. 

I want you to imagine yourself with a gleaming smile, laughing and having fun with friends. People are always attracted to you because your energy is contagious. People love to be around you, they love you as a person and respect you. You are invited to the best parties and social gatherings because you are so much fun that people can't imagine not having you there. You develop long lasting and supportive relationships with ease. Toxic relationships fall away when they no longer fit with your infectious personality ans energy. 

People are always attracted to you because your energy is contagious.

Basic Bitches Group

This mastermind will be 3 months long of intensive coaching in a group setting. The program will only hold 6 women so that you have space to all help and support each other as well as benefit from 1:1 coaching from me. What do you get from this group?

  • Group coaching call every week for 3 months
  • 2 individual 1:1 coaching calls
  • Genogram session to better understand your environment and how it influences your beliefs and behaviors
  • Free admission to Denver local event
  • 24/7 Facebook Messenger Access to me for support
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • All calls are recorded for you


Basic Bitch Mastermind will start June 18th! Doors close June 17th.



What days will we meet for group coaching?

We will be meeting Monday evenings at 4pm Eastern time, 6pm Mountain time, 7pm Pacific time.


What if I can't make a call?

No worries! All the calls will be recorded and loaded into your private Facebook group so you can catch up whenever!


When will my individual calls be?

Whenever you'd like to schedule them within the 3 months. Let me know and I'll send you a scheduling link. Individual calls will be recorded and emailed to you as well. 


What if your payment plans don't work for me?

Let me know and we can figure something out!


What if I don't live near Denver to go to an event?

We can replace a local event with another session.


Why did you pick the name Basic Bitches?

It just came to me and I thought it was a badass way to put power on that word/phrase.


I'm ready to join this awesome group!!

Make your first payment before June 7th and get an free bonus session with me asap!